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Mojoplaces connects housing providers with reliable tenants
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Mojoplaces provides a user-friendly platform that simplifies property listings and marketing for housing providers by connecting them with verified employees of companies. Free of charge!

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Cost-free partnership

Partnering with us is completely free for housing providers, allowing you to benefit from ourplatform without any financial commitment

Verified audience

We ensure that your audience consists of serious renters from reputable companies, increasing the likelihood of reliable rental agreements

Automatic listing process

We automatically onboard your properties, and keep them synchronised with our platform, making it effortless to partner up with us


We offer dedicated support, ensuring housing providers feel valued and are equipped with the tools they need

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Empowering HR & Global Mobility with easy housing for employees

Mojoplaces specially targets HR departments and Global Mobility teams, offering a platform for employees that makes finding housing a breeze.

With custom landingpages for each company, our platform ensures employees have seamless access to all your housing options, streamlining their search experience.

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"Mojoplaces stands out by ensuring all renters are pre-verified and work for corporates. This unique approach guarantees your properties are presented to a premium audience."

Portrait of Bianca Feher, Co-founder of Mojoplaces
Bianca Feher
Co-founder of Mojoplaces

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